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My name is Diogo Dias, I'm a small business owner, and I created this store to inspire young people to go out and change the world. Nowadays, it seems like youth are concentrating all their energies on social media, games, memes, or any other online entertainment. This brings no benefits to their future and only demoralizes their characters. I'm here to make a point. Yes, a 19-year-old can make a successful online store that helps to pay for college and adult life! I want to be an inspiration to other young people so that they too can get out of their phones and into the world of opportunity that is at their disposal. How much better would our world be if every young person was a small business owner! The job opportunities and economic prosperity that we would have would be astounding. Many of my friends have heard that I'm starting an online store and think that I'm going to fail. But I'm not. So join me in my journey to change the world. Wouldn't you want to too? It takes more than one person...

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We sell hand-picked, curated items that you can't find anywhere else.

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